Anthony S. Mangeri

    Expert in Emergency Planning, Training, and Operations, Fire Science Management


    • Leadership
    • Command And Management
    • Emergency & Disaster Management
    • Public Health Emergency Preparedness Response & Recovery Operations
    • Consequence Management of Terrorism
    • Mass Casualty & Mass Fatality Management
    • Large-Scale Incident Preparedness & Response
    • Public Information/Public Affairs
    • Active Shooter/Violent Incident Response
    • Emergency Planning, Training & Operations
    • Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment
    • Fire Science Management And Prevention

    About Anthony S. Mangeri

    Anthony S. Mangeri has more than 30 years of experience in Fire, Emergency Services, crisis management.  He offers extensive experience in emergency and disaster management to include, public health and healthcare preparedness, disaster response and recovery operations, large-scale incident response, hazard identification and threat reduction, emergency planning, and incident management systems.

    He has been a volunteer firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician for close to 30 years.  He was appointed to the rank of Assistant Chief-Safety Officer, serving as the fire department’s health and safety officer for three years.

    Anthony is a certified fire service instructor, EMT, Hazardous Materials Technician and has completed a fellowship in Public Health Leadership in Emergency Response sponsored by the Center for Public Health Preparedness.  He has a Master of Public Administration from Rutgers’s University and is a Certified Public Manager. He was also awarded the designation Certified Emergency Manager by the International Association of Emergency Managers.

    Anthony has received awards for Public Private Partnerships and for being an Ally to Emergency Management students.

    He serves on the board of trustees of the New Jersey Emergency Preparedness Association.  He is vice president of the International Association of Emergency Managers Region 2 and is membership chair of the American Society of Industrial Security’s Fire and Life Safety Council.

    Media Appearances

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    Published Works

    Fit for Duty: The Resilient Responder
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    Reducing the Community’s Risk: One Grant at a Time
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    The Handling of Mass Fatalities during Medical Surges
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    Rapid Deployment Teams: Bringing Structure to Crisis
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    Emergency Management: Understanding the System
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    Articles By Anthony S. Mangeri


    • Active Shooter and Violent Incident Response Webinar Series, September and October 2016
    • Using the Media as a Force Multiplier for Emergency Management, NJ Emergency Preparedness Conf., May 2014.
    • Shelter Operations, Whose Job is it Anyway, International Disaster Conference & Expo, January 2014
    • Blast Injury Management, 2013 NJ Conference on EMS November 2013
    • Disability Etiquette, 2013 NJ Conference on EMS November 2013
    • Planning Considerations for Mass Casualty Symposium, San Diego, CA, January 2011
    • Educating the First Responder about Suicide Bombers, 2010 NJ Statewide Conference on EMS November 2010
    • Disability Etiquette, NJ First Aid Council Conference, November 2010
    • Strategic Planning for Extraordinary Events, ASIS Greater Philadelphia Chapter, August 2010
    • Planning Considerations for Mass Casualty Incidents, Fire Rescue International, August 2010
    • Response Lessons Learned to the H1N1 Pandemic, 2010 NJEPA Conference, May 2010
    • Strategic Planning Considerations for Special Event Contingencies, 2010 NJEPA Conference, May 2010
    • Planning for BLS Services during Community & Extraordinary Eevents, 2009 NJ Conference on EMS November 2009
    • When You Only Have Time to Lead, Keynote, 2009 Spellman Annual Users Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2009
    • Breaking Down Role Barriers: A Multidisciplinary Look at Emergency Management and Mass Population Displacement Solutions Facilitated Panel, GovSsec 2006, Presentation on Strategic Partnerships in Effective Emergency Management, April 26, 2006, Washington D.C.