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    About Dr. Chris Reynolds, CEM, MEMS, CFO, EFO

    From the United States to Haiti and around the world, Dr. Chris Reynold’s emergency command experience provided rescue and relief to thousands of lives impacted by some of the worst natural and manmade disasters in modern history. Combined with his military experience leading medical combat evacuations, Dr. Reynolds is a foremost expert in emergency response and preparedness education, serving today as American Public University System’s Dean of Academic Outreach and Program Development.

    Other position Chris has held include Accreditation Evaluator for the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress and Evaluator for the American Council on Education. He has also been an Editorial Board Member for the Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, a Board Member for the Council of the Accreditation of Emergency Management Education, and a Board Member for the Comprehensive Emergency Management Research Network. He is also a Master Military Emergency Manager for the State Guard Association of the United States.

    Contributor: In Public Safety, In Military, Wally Boston, Office of the President: Dr. Karan Powell

    Background: Over 35 years of extensive experience in disaster preparedness and disaster response in both direct command operations and higher incident command. Over 35 years of higher education experience. Over 25 years of homeland security experience in higher education. Retired after 21 years in the United States Air Force. 32 years as Division Chief-Shift Commander for a 1,200 Fire & Rescue Department. Retired USAF Lt. Colonel. MPA in Public Administration.

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