Dr. Jarrod Sadulski

    Expert in Counter Terrorism and Criminology


    • Criminal Justice
    • Homeland Security
    • Counter-terrorism operations
    • local and federal law enforcement
    • maritime law enforcement
    • Coast Guard law enforcement
    • criminology research
    • narcotics task force operations
    • criminal law
    • research on effectively managing police stress.

    About Dr. Jarrod Sadulski

    Dr. Jarrod Sadulski is a Criminal Justice adjunct faculty member in the School of Security & Global Studies and holds a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice. Jarrod has experience in both federal law enforcement; which includes experience in international counter-narcotics operations, homeland security operations, police patrol operations, and plain-clothes robbery surveillance operations. Jarrod has served in a Criminal Justice and Homeland Security Industry Advisory Council in Washington D.C. and was awarded the Global War on Terror Service Medal and Officer of the Year Award. He conducts research and presentations on topics related to effectively managing police stress throughout a police career.

    Published Works

    Achieving Your Educational Goals While in Military Service – A Real World Approach
    NGOB Publishing, Woodbridge, Virginia, 2009

    Conferences to Consider

    Southern Criminal Justice Association

    American Criminal Justice Association

    Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

    The American Society of Criminology

    8th Annual Maritime Risk Symposium

    Articles By Dr. Jarrod Sadulski


    In addition to being a faculty member and APUS alumni, Jarrod has been a member of the APUS Scholarship of Learning and Teaching Committee and the Global Mentor Network Program. Jarrod is also a University Ambassador and supports students in their pursuit of their education and career goals through providing coaching and mentorship.