Dr. Jeffrey T. Fowler, Ph.D., CPS, CAS, CHS-III

    Associate Professor, School of Security and Global Studies


    • U.S. Military
    • Security Management
    • Criminal Justice
    • Executive Protection
    • Homeland Security
    • Self-Defense
    • Firearms
    • Aviation Security
    • Intelligence

    About Dr. Jeffrey T. Fowler, Ph.D., CPS, CAS, CHS-III

    Dr. Fowler is an acknowledged expert in the areas of security management, criminal justice, and terrorism-related research. He was the Director of Security for Reserve Storage Activity – Miesau, Germany, then the largest conventional ammunition storage facility and maintenance facility in the free world. He also commanded the U.S. Military Academy Military Police Company. Dr. Fowler has presented at several homeland security conferences at the national-level and has written extensively on a variety of security, military and law-enforcement-related topics. He is the author of one published book and numerous articles in journals and magazines, and has served as the editor for two published works. He has conducted extensive research on the topic of how working in conflict zones affects the performance of defense contractors.

    Media Appearances

    The Importance of Specialization in Security Management (SOW/APUS/AMU) (March 2014)
    Flashpoint: The Convergence of Public and Private Sector Security in the Posat-911 World (2002)
    Chechen Terrorism: The Russian Connection to Al-Qaeda (2003)
    Harmful Intent: Organized Crime and International Terrorism
    Fire Down Below: The Aviation Threat Posed by Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS) (2008)
    Leading Cross-Cultural Law Enforcement & Security Forces: A 21st Century Challenge (2008)
    Harmful Intent: Organized Crime and International Terrorism (2008)
    The Rise of Private Military Companies and Security Companies: Their Role in Homeland Security at Home and Abroad (2009)
    Harmful Intent: Organized Crime and International Terrorism (2010)
    Storm Warning: Homeland Security and the Challenges of the 21st Century at Home and Abroad (2011)
    The Value of Prior Military in Homeland Security (2012)
    A Cultural Bridge Too Far: Afghanistan and the Ethical Dilemma of Contracting and Managing Cross-Cultural Security Forces (2014)
    The Role of Education in the Security Profession ASIS International presentation for the National Capital Chapter (August 13, 2008)
    Risk Management Education Program Development ASIS Education Symposium (30 Jul-3 Aug 2012)

    Published Works

    Axis Cavalry in World War II
    Osprey Publishing, UK, 2000 (in print as of 2016)
    A Cost-Effective Patrol Alternative
    Military Police, PB-19-92-2, Dec, 1992
    With Sabres and Rifles
    Osprey Military Journal, Vol. 4, Issue 3
    Keeping Campuses Safe
    Inside Homeland Security, 2007
    Online Learning: Convenient, Portable, Effective
    Security Magazine, Sep 2007
    Managing the Cross-Cultural Security Force
    Inside Homeland Security, 8(4), Winter, 2010
    The Last Major Cavalry Charge – 70 Years Ago
    The History Channel – History in the Headlines, August 23, article by Jesse Greenspan. Interviewed by Mr. Greenspan and served as subject matter expert providing background information for the article and was named as a contributor within it.
    Factors Affecting the Profitability of U.S. Defense Contractors in War Zones: A Review of the Literature
    Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology (3rd ed.). Published July 2014. Written in conjunction with Dr. Ruth Sharf, PhD, Dissertation Chair.
    Tactical handgun and Israeli combat shooting: The evolution of combat handgun for the modern warrior
    Blankchtein, T. (2014), Pikesville, MD: Masada Tactical, LLC. (published on Amazon 2014)
    An Examination of Firm, Industry, and Environmental Threat Factors on the Performance of Defense Contractors
    Prescott, AZ: Northcentral University Dissertation (unpublished) (2015)


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