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    About Erik Kleinsmith

    Mr. Kleinsmith is the Associate Vice President for Strategic Relations in Intelligence, National, Homeland and Cyber Security for APUS School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SoCPS). He has extensive experience in the intelligence and security related training and analysis along with experience in counterintelligence, information operations, and asymmetric threats and tactical military operations.  Erik is a former US Army Armor and Military Intelligence Officer as well as a former Portfolio Manager for Intelligence Training with Lockheed Martin.  Erik has made numerous public appearances and is one of five subjects in a book titled The Watchers, by Shane Harris.

    Media Appearances

    National Journal, Intelligence Designs, September 2005
    C-Span, Testimony on Able Danger before the Senate Judiciary Committee, 21 September 2005
    C-Span, Testimony on Able Danger before the House Armed Service Committee, 6 February 2006
    CNN Radio – Data Mining and Intelligence Analysis, March 2006
    Veterans Radio – Interview for Able Danger, October 2005
    FoxNews – Private Intelligence – January 2008
    Fox5 DC – FOIA Filing Announcement for DB Cooper Investigation
    Various News Channels – DB Cooper Investigation Press Conference, July 2016

    Published Works

    "Intelligence 2.0: An Outsider’s Guide" To be published in September 2018.

    Conferences to Consider

    International Association for Intelligence Education

    United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF)

    Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP)

    Intelligence and National Security Summit hosted by AFCEA & Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA)

    Articles By Erik Kleinsmith


    Erik has made several public speeches to various intelligence organizations and conferences over the years covering topics including:  Sisters of Battle: Analyzing Female Terrorists, Threat Profiling, The Once and Future Intelligence Community, Able Danger, Intelligence Involvement in the DB Cooper investigation, and Intelligence Certifications.