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    About Sylvia Longmire

    Sylvia Longmire is a consultant and subject matter expert on Mexico’s Drug War and Border Security. She served as a Captain and AFOSI Special Agent in the US Air Force for eight years, and worked as a Senior Intelligence Analyst for the California Office of Homeland Security for four years before establishing her consulting business in 2009. She is the author of Cartel and Border Insecurity, and has an MA in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. She has appeared on various national and international news outlets, in several cable documentaries, and has been published in numerous news outlets and peer-reviewed journals.

    Media Appearances

    America’s War on Drugs - The History Channel - June 2017
    Got Shorty: Inside the Search for El Chapo CNN, July 2016.
    NBC Nightly News NBC, March 2016.
    Fox & Friends FOX News Channel, September 2015.
    The Today Show July 16, 2015.
    Hannity, FOX News Channel July 14, 2015.
    Stossel, FOX Business September 18, 2014

    Published Works

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    Is Chicago on the Road to Becoming an American Ciudad Juárez?
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    Redefining Terrorism: Why Mexican Drug Trafficking is More than Just Organized Crime
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